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Are you ready to start Winning with ADHD?

Hey Champion, I'm so happy you're here! 


My name is Damon. I am an ADHD Life Coach, as well as the founder of Winning with ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, at the age of 25.


Here is my story: (or at least a few important highlights)

  • Before my diagnosis, most people would say I was doing well:

    • Succeeded in grade school.​

    • Well-behaved and respectful child.

    • 4 year degree from a great college.

    • Married at 22 to an amazing, beautiful, godly woman!

    • Not only did I hold down a job, I climbed the ladder quickly.

  • BUT on the inside, I was struggling with anxiety, confidence and self-respect. ​

  • I even felt at times that it was inevitable for me to end up alone and jobless...a failure. 

Since my diagnosis, and the clarity that it brought, I was able to recognize where a lot of my low self-esteem and self-trust was coming from. 

I now find joy and purpose in helping other ADHDers WIN with their brains through customized and personalized programs that focus on:

  • Building independence and consistency

  • Overcoming consistent overwhelm

  • Understanding your ADHD brain

  • Regulating emotions

  • Shifting limiting beliefs to prevent self-sabotage


It's Not Easy Out There

Having ADHD can mean life brings extra challenges. Procrastination, time-management and a life time of misunderstanding can mean that sometimes it can feel very hard for you to get on top of things. 

I'm Damon Manley, the founder of Winning With ADHD. I provide ADHD coaching services designed for you. My goal is to offer you the right support to end your over-whelm, take control of your life and achieve your goals. 

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

When you decide to get a coach, you are deciding to take action to make real change in your life. 

Change can be scary and it's hard to know if you are ready. If the following sounds like you, now is the time for you to start your journey to winning with ADHD.

You want to take action towards making a positive impact in your life and the life of others.

You have BIG goals for your life, are they worth investing time, money and focus to reach them?

You want to deeply challenge the limiting beliefs you have about yourself.

You understand that lasting change takes time and are willing to do what it takes to find out what you can truly do.

If this sounds like you, schedule your free consultation with Coach Damon now!


How your brain is playing a role in your day to day struggles and strengths.


Do what serves you first, so you can serve others, bring purpose and joy to your life and others.


With you on your journey to achieve your goals.


Start trusting yourself again by making consistent, daily progress. 

What People Are Saying About Damon


I got diagnosed 4 years ago in high school. I struggled with Analysis Paralysis for a long time on my own. It just took me 3-ish years to figure it out. 


I have always been intelligent, good with friends, and an immense proclivity in the arts. All potential...but I've never been able to focus and actually become as skilled as I have the potential to be.


You have a lot to do with it!! You've really been encouraging me to step up. And I think coming up with a morning routine has really pushed me to do the things I want to do and the things I don't want to do. 

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